The Gary Sinise Foundation

providing smart homes to heroes

Gary Sinise

the Actor, Founder and President

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For nearly forty years, Gary Sinise has stood as an advocate of America’s service members. Since the attacks of September 11th, 2001, his dedication to our nation’s active duty defenders, veterans and first responders has become a tireless crusade of support, service, and gratitude to all those who protect our freedom and serve our country.

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with the military community

His portrayal of Lt. Dan Taylor in the landmark film Forrest Gump formed an enduring connection with servicemen and women throughout the military community. After several USO handshake tours in 2003, Sinise formed the “Lt. Dan Band” in early 2004 and began entertaining troops serving at home and abroad. The band now performs close to 30 shows a year for military bases, charities and fundraisers supporting wounded heroes, Gold Star families, veterans and troops around the world.

what they do

specially adapted smart homes

The Gary Sinise Foundation constructs one-of-a-kind specially adapted smart homes for our nation’s most severely wounded heroes. This initiative predominantly supports our Post 9/11 defenders, that were injured in combat operations or during training while performing their duties. These 100% mortgage-free homes ease the daily challenges faced by these heroes and their families who sacrifice alongside them.

helping hands

helping the community

These specially adapted smart homes provide a safe haven for these heroes to reclaim their independence. Built from the ground up with their individual needs in mind, these homes alleviate stress on the entire family.

USMC Major (Ret.) Burkett

his story

USMC Major Eric Burkett grew up in the military life. His father was a career Marine pilot, both of his grandfathers served in WWII and he can trace his paternal line all the way back to Jehu Burget who fought in the War for Independence.

Eric knew at a young age he was born to be a Marine, even after being told that he would not be accepted into the Marine Corps due to an “asthma-like” condition. At 22, he enlisted in the Army Reserve. He took classes in college and trained in many different military specialties, eventually earning the rank of Sergeant. Six years later he earned a commission in the Marine Corps and when on to be an Assault Pilot.

what happened

and how we helped

In April 2012, two weeks into his sixth deployment, Eric was flying an MV-22B as part of Operation African Lion. The plane suddenly went into an uncontrolled flight and crashed in Morocco. Eric suffered major lower limb, lung, and ocular nerve damage. His injuries eventually resulted in amputations of both of his legs; one above the knee and one below the knee.

Sheoga and its team were honored to manufacture and install the hardwood flooring throughout Eric’s home and bow lab.