Character Grade vs. Clear Grade Hardwood Flooring

Character Grade vs. Clear Grade Hardwood Flooring


When it comes to hardwood flooring, the choice between character grade and clear grade can significantly impact the overall look and feel of your space. In this blog post, we will delve into the characteristics and distinctions between character grade and clear grade hardwood flooring. By understanding the differences, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your aesthetic preferences and design goals.


Character Grade – Red Oak

Clear Grade – Red Oak




  1. Clear Grade Hardwood Flooring: Clear grade hardwood flooring is known for its pristine appearance and uniformity. These planks are carefully selected for their minimal knots, blemishes, and natural variations. The consistent grain patterns and lack of imperfections create a clean, refined look that suits contemporary and formal settings. Clear grade flooring offers a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic that enhances the overall elegance of your space.

    Clear Grade – Maple


  2. Character Grade Hardwood Flooring: Character grade hardwood flooring embraces the natural beauty and unique charm of wood. This grade showcases the wood’s natural variations, including knots, mineral streaks, worm holes, bird pecks, and color variations. The rustic and authentic character of character grade flooring adds warmth, depth, and personality to any room. It is an excellent choice for those seeking a more relaxed and inviting atmosphere with a touch of natural beauty.

    Character Grade – Maple


  3. Aesthetic Appeal: The primary distinction between character grade and clear grade hardwood flooring lies in their aesthetic appeal. Clear grade offers a refined and uniform look, ideal for spaces that require a sleek and polished appearance. On the other hand, character grade exudes a distinct character and visual interest, perfect for creating a cozy and welcoming ambiance with a touch of rustic charm.
  4. Design Versatility: Both character grade and clear grade hardwood flooring offer design versatility, albeit in different ways. Clear grade flooring provides a neutral canvas that allows other design elements to take center stage. It works well with minimalist, modern, and formal interior designs. Character grade flooring, on the other hand, brings a unique personality to your space and pairs exceptionally well with traditional, rustic, or eclectic styles.
  5. Personal Preference: Choosing between character grade and clear grade hardwood flooring ultimately comes down to personal preference. Consider the overall style and atmosphere you wish to create in your space. If you desire a more refined and uniform look, clear grade may be the ideal choice. If you appreciate the natural imperfections and desire a warm, inviting feel, character grade could be the perfect fit.


Character grade and clear grade hardwood flooring offer distinct aesthetics and design possibilities. Whether you prefer the refined elegance of clear grade or the natural beauty and character of character grade, Sheoga Hardwood Flooring has a wide selection of options to suit your preferences. By understanding the differences between these grades, you can make an informed decision that reflects your personal style and creates a stunning foundation for your space.

Clear Grade – Hickory


Character Grade – Hickory



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