Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

find the perfect species, finish how you like




Sheoga’s Unfinished Hardwood Flooring can help set your next project apart from any other flooring! We pride ourselves in ensuring high quality hardwood flooring. Choose your wood species from the list below to learn more.

Grade: Choose either Clear Grade (no knots or mineral streaks) or Character Grade (containing sound knots and filled knots, mineral streaks, and other naturally occurring characteristics making your flooring very unique).


Closed, straight grain with uniform texture. Heartwood is mostly reddish brown and sapwood is generally pale white. Moderate to high color variation between boards.

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A traditional and elegant hardwood flooring and wood paneling option. Cherry heartwood is light to dark reddish brown. Sapwood is light brown to pale with…

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Hard Maple

Closed grain with uniform texture. Heartwood is creamy white to light reddish brown. Sapwood is pale to creamy white.

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Closed grain with moderate definition. Heartwood is tan to reddish and sapwood is white to cream with fine brown lines. Our most popular flooring option!

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Live Sawn White Oak

Live Sawn White Oak flooring, also known as European or French cut, offers a distinctive appearance, capturing the full character of the wood. This sawing…

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Red Oak

Beautiful reddish-brown wood with a wider, more prominent grain patterns. Heartwood and sapwood are similar, with sapwood lighter in color. Most pieces have a reddish…

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Heartwood ranges from deep, rich dark brown to purplish black. Sheoga’s solid Walnut flooring is not steamed leaving sapwood nearly white to tan.

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White Oak

Heartwood is light brown and sapwood is cream to white. Some boards may have a pinkish tint or slight grayish cast. Plumed or flared grain…

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