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Prior to writing up this document, we reviewed many “warranties” offered by other flooring manufacturers. Inherent in all were exclusions: for high traffic areas, floors of pet owners, floors that were walked on with spiked heels or floors worn from excessive wear, pebbles or sand were not covered under other warranties. While we guarantee our products as detailed below, we would like to educate the end-user to have realistic expectations of hardwood flooring and its natural qualities. With proper care, Sheoga Hardwood Flooring will retain its natural beauty for a lifetime.

Structural Warranty

attention to detail

Sheoga Hardwood Flooring is committed to producing high-quality, precisely milled, tongue and groove flooring and paneling. Thus, we warrant our selected Appalachian hardwood products to be properly air- and kiln-dried to the NWFA recommended 6% – 8% moisture content, ideal for interior flooring applications. Critical attention to all phases of the manufacturing process has helped Sheoga gain recognition for being one of the best choices in hardwood flooring. This reputation has been earned by our focus on precision milling, a hallmark of a Sheoga brand floor. We warrant our milling for a precise fit and ease of installation and we guarantee our products to be free of structural or manufacturing defects.

Just as critical is the installation of the product itself. The installer plays a very important role in notifying their distributor, who, in return will notify us, the manufacturer, of any issues in the grade, milling, or any other aspect that affects our flooring product. The homeowner also plays an integral role by maintaining the environment we require, so the flooring product performs as expected. If the environment is not maintained, we cannot warrant our product to perform as we expect.

Environmental Conditions

humidity & dryness

As the homeowner or end-user, you may see occasions of the flooring expanding and contracting. This is normal with variations in humidity. However, excessive humidity will cause the flooring to expand, cup, and crack. Likewise, dryness will cause shrinkage, gaps, and splits in installed flooring. In order to avoid these issues, adequate levels of humidity are important to control. Both areas above and below the flooring should be evaluated. In most climates, 35% to 50% of indoor humidity is realistic. However, the key is maintaining a consistent level of humidity throughout seasonal changes.

Acclimation, Jobsite Conditions, and Appearance

See Installation and Care Instructions

Wood flooring is a product of nature, offering natural color variations and various visual grain configurations in our Clear grade flooring. In our Character grade flooring, we include more distinct color variations, knots, and mineral streaks for a unique look. These characteristics are not defects. We are confident that you will be totally satisfied with our prefinished hardwood flooring and wood paneling from Sheoga’s Graceful Collection. We encourage you to take the proper steps to maintain your hardwood floors for lifelong beauty.

Should you find pieces of Sheoga brand Flooring inconsistent with your expectations due to grade, milling, or finish, DO NOT INSTALL THEM. Contact your sales representative. It is the installers’ responsibility to ensure that the flooring on-site conforms to the homeowner’s expectations and vision PRIOR to installation.

Proceeding with installation deems acceptance of the purchased product.


recommendations for proper care

Hardwood floors can last a lifetime, with proper care and maintenance.

It is normal for any hard surface floor covering to show scuffs, scratches, and indentations caused by normal everyday living, pets, and minor mishaps. The best recommendation is to have your flooring contractor lightly screen the floor and apply a top coat of finish before your finish wears through to the bare wood. This will make your flooring look new again and will remove any surface scratches. If the flooring finish is allowed to wear down completely, a flooring contractor will need to sand the flooring down to bare wood and then apply a new finish. This step is also necessary to remove dents in the flooring.

The use of protective pads under chair legs, table legs, and furniture is one of the basic keys to preventing scuffs and scratches. Minimize the use of street shoes inside and avoid high-heeled shoes with bottom heels worn through to steel spike as they can cause considerable damage to any flooring. Mats at entrances will help keep small rocks and debris from scratching your finish.

It is important to keep both prefinished or job-site finished hardwood flooring dry. Hardwood floors should be vacuumed prior to cleaning. To minimize possible water damage, wet mopping, water leaks, and applying cleaning agents directly to the floor should be avoided. Damp mopping, after wringing most of the moisture from the mop, should be done regularly.



Wood flooring is a product of nature; variations in color, blemishes, growth marks, and knots change the grain pattern of the wood and create a unique look. These characteristics are not defects. Therefore, they are not covered under the Sheoga Warranty as replaceable items.


UV Protection

Wood flooring colors and shades, in both prefinished and job site finished products, change with age and exposure to light, especially when exposed to ultraviolet sunlight. Good UV protection in your doors, windows, and skylights will help minimize color change but is not a cure-all solution. Blinds, curtains, and shades should be used to help slow this natural process. As color changes are a natural occurrence as wood and finish age, Sheoga does not guarantee against color or shade changes in either of our unfinished or prefinished products.


what we do & what to look for

Differences in traffic, furniture placement, UV exposure, and humidity all affect the longevity of the finish on wood products. The end-user should anticipate normal wear and tear on finishes, subject to usage and conditions. Sheoga will guarantee that the finish applied to our Prefinished Graceful Collection flooring is free of any manufacturer’s defects. However, as your floors age with time, it is best to have your flooring contractor lightly screen the floor and apply a top coat of finish before the finish wears through to bare wood.


final notes & details

The above Structural Warranty is limited to the original purchaser and is not transferable. Additionally, Sheoga’s liability is limited to the replacement or repair of the boards presenting a defect in excess of industry standards. In the event that a warranty is applicable, Sheoga’s financial responsibility is limited to the cost of replacement and/or repair, at Sheoga’s sole discretion, up to the purchase price of the purchased products.

There are no warranties which extend beyond the description on the face hereof. Consequential or incidental damages, including but not limited to, labor, installation, temporary accommodations and meals, transportation, moving, storage, cleaning, etc. are excluded from the above warranty. As some jurisdictions do not allow the limitations of implied warranties, incidental or consequential damages, or only allow for certain limitations, these provisions may not apply to you but are limited by Sheoga to the fullest extent permitted by your jurisdiction.

If you feel that you have a concern with your Sheoga product, please contact one of our customer service members at 1-800-834-1180 to discuss the issue. Our offices are open from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday and from 8:00 a.m. to Noon EST on Saturday.

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